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The name of the site,, already says a lot. You can easily guess that the site is not designed for serious relationships, marriage, or finding long-term partners. This is particularly right, as is a platform for flirting and playing rather than actually looking for the only one. It holds a solid position among other adult dating sites, and it is totally devoid of sugary colors and naïve taglines. With this site, it is just what it is: register, upload your photo, and start flirting right away. There are no complicated psychological tests, or strict compatibility criteria, which is, perhaps, one of the reasons the site is so popular among people who are not ready to waste their time answering a bunch of totally unrelated compatibility questions.

It is not that easy to find a full review online. While working on this report we tried to guess why it is so. The answer seems rather simple – there is noting particularly special about It is a simple site with simple structure and navigation, but there are hardly any features that make it unique and totally different from other platforms. Yes, it is indeed a solid and reliable platform for flirting, finding sexual partners, and building free of any obligations relationships. The audience is pretty impressive, most profiles are active and it is easy to get in touch with people. Here is how it works step by step.

As does not make its new users answer a lot of psychological questions to determine their compatibility with the potential partners, registering on the site takes mere seconds. You simply create your profile, upload a photo, write a couple of lines about yourself/what you are looking for/your interests, or whatever else you may find worthy of attention – and you can start making full advantage of the site benefits!

Unlike plenty of other sites, does not send you daily matches, does not offer you any dating suggestions, so you will have to rely on yourself only. It is totally up to you to search for potential partners, contact new people and decide who to talk to. In a way, this is refreshing, as plenty of romantic platforms got so obsessed with the compatibility, they hardly let their users browse other people’s profiles. The situation is quite different on if you want to talk to somebody, you have your chance and no body cares how psychologically compatible you are. is a European site and it bills its customers in Euros. Plus, you should note that there is no free membership plan. Yet, there is a relatively cheap three days trial period, which will cost you just 4.98 Euro. After the trial period, you can choose your membership plan (if you are willing to go on with the site). It is possible to pay for one month (29.99 Euro), three months (50.97 Euro), or six months (71.94 Euro). And, of course, once you pay, you become the full member and get immediate access to all of the site advantages, which will be discussed later in this review. dating advantages

Even though the site hardly has any unique features that have never been introduced before, it is still a fun and solid platform, characterized by the following advantages:

Plenty of users: has a vast database of willing to communicate users. As you send out your initial emails, you will notice that hardly any of them remain unanswered. It is a great site with plenty of real people who lack communication and would gladly talk to you!

Interactive banner: the site has an interactive roving banner at the bottom, which allows you to leave feedback, link the site with various social networks, see notifications about new chats or mail messages, etc. It is pretty handy, plus you can see for yourself how popular the site really is.

Display of profiles: has a really great system of displaying user profiles. You can see all the essentials (age, interests, what one is looking for) right away, and you do not have to search for ages to find this info. We believe it is a great improvement, and many other dating sites should adopt the same system.

Great sorting: you can sort your potential matches by traditional criteria – age, location, and interests. However, the site also offers you another option: sorting matches by the last visit (so you know if the profile is active), and even photo quality.

Quick registration: does not ask you any complicated questions. You just have to state if you are a male, a female, or a couple – and you are ready to go! Just don’t forget to add your photo later, and write at least a coupe of lines about yourself.

Top matches system: After you register you will see top 30 or something matches based on the info you mentioned in your profile! Great way to get started!

Total freedom of communications: does not limit you in communication, and once you become a member you can start talking to whomever you want!

Affordable prices: prices are relatively low, especially if you compare them to the fees charged by other popular dating platforms. Surely, it’s a pity they do not have a free trial and have a cheap trial instead. But at least, you know for sure that what you see is what you get – no complicated division in good, better, and best membership plans.

No strings attached: most relationships on the site are not serious, which makes it a perfect platform for fun-loving, carefree adults! brief recap

To sum it up, is not a site for people looking to get married. Quite on the contrary, you should definitely register here if you are looking for some fun. The site is full of users looking for the same thing, and it will not take you long to find some fun-loving person, ready to meet in person! Plus, its simplicity and no-strings-attached policy offers users a gulp of fresh air in the world of sugary taglines and unclear dating preferences.

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