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Any person looking to build a romantic relationship online will definitely want to choose a reliable platform for communication. Yet, among the multitude of dating sites and services, it is often difficult to choose one to your liking. That is why we would like to pay your attention to a review. We got this feedback from our users, analyzed it thoroughly and came up with a detailed description of the benefits provided by this service. So far, chemistry dating site is not one of the biggest romantic platforms. However, it is definitely one of the most innovative ones, and its unique matching approach is something worth trying.

Chemistry online dating site is a unique platform that has few or no analogues. It differs from the majority of romantic platforms in many ways. However, the most important thing that makes different is its unprecedented matching system based on psychological criteria. Any new user who wants to register on the site, has to pass a short psychological test. Note that it is highly important to be as honest and open as possible, because your matches will be based on your answers. That is, you do not just browse through numerous profiles, but see a selection of personalities most suited for your own personality type.

In addition, you can set other preferences to limit down the number of matches you receive. Usually, defining your location is the best thing to do – this way you will get more matches in your vicinity, which is definitely a plus, as it will be easier to meet each other in person. However, you can choose additional individual settings – the site is very user-friendly, so you will not have any difficulty with that. According to every review we have seen, the interface is great, and adjusting your settings takes mere seconds.

Another important thing that makes different is its tolerance and open-mindedness. Unlike the majority of other platforms, designed for either for heterosexuals, or for homosexuals only, is all about the compatibility, not the orientation. So, regardless of your race, gender, lifestyle, or orientation, you can make the full use of its services. We believe that’s a really great thing.

Member profiles are pretty detailed, and you can see basically any information you would like to find out about the person. Plus, there is once again the obvious benefit of a psychological matching criteria, so while looking at the other’s person picture and reading through his/her profile description, you constantly bear in mind the system has already approved this match for you.

You can use both free and paid profiles on Quite logically, paid profiles offer your more benefits in comparison to free ones. For example, it is more difficult to get in touch with members using a free subscription. Yet, it is possible, so the decision is up to you. When it comes to additional, paid services, offers you a flexible payment system. The longer you subscribe for, the lower your monthly fee gets. We’ve all seen that before, as plenty of online and offline services use the same system. On, a monthly fee can get as low as 26.66$. main advantages

Any chemistry dating review, either user-generated or written based on a collective analysis of the available data, will tell you that the major advantage of the site is its matching system. Here’s exactly how it works: as you register on, you spend 10, maximum 15 minutes, for the completion of this test. The system defines your personality type. There are several types, including negotiator, explorer, builder, etc. Further on, all of the matches you see will be based on these compatibility criteria. More importantly, when a new user with a compatible personality type registers on, you will get a notification that a new match is available for you.

Yet, the most amazing thing about matching system is that it is based on a scientific approach. Unlike the majority of amateur psychological tests, this one was developed by doctor Helen Fisher, the site’s scientific advisor, who invested a lot of time and effort into the development of the test. If you don’t believe it – just find any chemistry dating site review, written by an actual user, and you will see that the system works! In fact, people claim that the results of the test are quite astonishing, and the matches they see are very impressive.

Plus, notes your reaction on the matches you see. As you are offered different matches, you can rate your experience, and your responses are being taken into account. In other words, after using the site for a couple of weeks, you can adjust your criteria and start seeing matches that were practically made for you in heaven.

In addition, the fact that you do not have to scroll through thousands of profiles might seem a little unusual in the beginning, but in practice it is much more convenient. is a site developed to save your time and offer you qualified psychological assistance, and, to be completely fair, they do their job just fine!

And finally, there is one interesting feature that can seem both a plus, and minus – it all depends on your particular perspective. You cannot always see the other members’ pictures immediately. First, your attention is usually drawn to profile information and only then you can take a look at the photo. Arguable as it may be, we regard this as a plus – kind of teaches you to be less shallow and pay more attention to personality rather than to good looks. brief summary

To recap, is a unique dating platform that sorts the best suited for you matches on your psychological criteria. Two membership plans, a free one and a paid one, are available. Both can be taken full advantage of. And, of course, it welcomes all people, regardless of their romantic preferences.

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