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1015 votes is one of the online dating pioneers, which is why it is not surprising that this site has one the biggest and the most diverse audiences. In addition, it has both local (United States) and international platforms, so if you feel like, you can significantly extend your search options and meet your potential partner on the other side of the globe. It has a vast choice of users from different countries and nationalities, people of different age and occupation, interests and hobbies – in other words, it has a wide database to choose form. In comparison with other romantic sites, rating is very impressive: different independent reviewers give it 9.5-9.9 out of ten! And here’s why. dating service was launched back in 1995, so they had almost twenty years to learn from their mistakes and, consequently, find the means of improving their user experience. Plus, they had more than enough time to advertise, and right now dating site is one the biggest dating platforms, with half a million users across the entire globe. Obviously, your chances of meeting decent, interesting partners are increasing with each new user, and an amount of five hundred thousand potential matches seems to give you a big fat chance, doesn’t it?

However, before you register on the site you should note several factors, crucial for your activity on It is true that the site has a basic free membership plan. However, in practice, this subscription plan is hardly enough to communicate with other users, not to mention the possibility of getting any dates. As the is strictly confidential, only the site has direct access to your personal e-mail. In other words, all user communication goes through the site messaging system. The major challenge of a free basic plan is that you will not be able to write an answer to a premium member, even if he/she initiates the conversation.

Premium paid subscription costs 30$ per month. It is not mentioned anywhere in terms of agreement, but you will see exactly this fee if you to choose to subscribe for a paid service. All in all, it is worth it, because premium members have unlimited access to all benefits. It even has an individual consulting service that will select potential partners based on your profile information, which is very handy for people with busy schedule and no desire to spend hours scrolling through thousands of personals.

On the topic of profile criteria: you have to be very specific when you fill in your personal. dating site can offer you a multitude of great options; yet, if you fail to fill in crucial search information, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of potential partners you will see. In particular, be very accurate when you fill in the second part of the registration form – that is, the questionnaire of the qualities you are looking for in your potential partner. Try not to leave any ‘unspecified’ gaps, and do not worry – prospective matches are plenty. advantages

Despite some minor flaws of the site (i.e., hardly usable free membership plan, no chat communication system), the majority of reviews for are highly positive. There are several reasons why the site is so popular, and the fact that it offers a huge choice of potential partners is, probably, a major one. A typical review will mention that the service has aplenty of friendly, open for communication, users. It would be difficult to argue that this is a primary goal any dating service should have in mind. From time to time you will also see a review with rather negative information, but given its number of users, it is not at all surprising – one cannot please everyone. Plus, to be completely fair, the site does have a couple of minuses. Yet, its pluses by far outperform some of the minor drawbacks.

Apart from giving you a wide choice of potential partners within the United States, you can also switch to an international profile and meet people from any country of the globe. You will just have to spare a couple of minutes for adjusting your settings, and you will be all set! An international feature will become particularly handy for those users who want to meet partners with different values, world outlooks and traditions. In other words, if you got tired of American men/women, and feel that you might be a little luckier abroad – do not hesitate to take your chances with an international section on! The chances that you will not be disappointed are pretty high.

Next, there is a great variety of additional features, including advice service, helpful dating tips, engaging magazine articles, and so on. Yet, the most interesting one would probably be individual consultation with doctor Phil, psychologist. It will be very useful for people who are totally new to online dating. And, most experienced users will also have a chance to learn a thing or two from these consultations. Yet, note: this feature is not included in monthly plan, and if you decide to order it, the service will cost you eight additional dollars per month. But, if you have never given a try to online dating before, it is definitely worth it.

Another promising thing about is its support system. If you experience any bugs or glitches, feel free to contact site moderators immediately. Differently from the majority of other sites (dating or non-dating), your comments will be taken into consideration. And, even more importantly, team will fix your problems as soon as possible. In fact, they often moderate the site, so sometimes it appears to be offline. Yet, you will see the notice beforehand, and flawless user experience is definitely worth it. resume is one of the most populated dating platforms online. It surely has certain minuses, such as difficulties associated with using a free plan. However, having carefully considered pros and cons of, we have come to a conclusion that its benefits are far more important than its minuses!

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