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587 votes is of the sites that do not offer you romantic, serious or marriage-oriented relationship. It is a platform that gives you a chance to search for friends with benefits, find sexual partners and enjoy casual, free of any obligations relationships. The site has been one of the first in this niche and for years, it has managed to stay on top of the competition. The reason why is so undeniably popular is that it has the ability to change with the course of time, thus, accommodating, constantly evolving user needs. Simply put, its plain and easy-to-understand purpose, combined with user-friendly and easy to navigate website, makes it so popular among adults who are not keen on romance and are simply looking to build a casual sex-based relationship.

When it comes to usability, is not that different from typical romantic and marriage sites. It has profiles, chat rooms, messaging systems, ability to use video, etc. The thing that makes it different is the lack of corny taglines like “looking for my soul mate” or “waiting for my destiny”, or whatever else it is possible to look for and wait for. It is a direct and open platform for starting an honest, adult, non-sugary relationship – whether a long-term or a short-term (starting from just one date). is full of singles looking for some fun and, what is even more important, they are letting you know exactly what they are looking for. No walking around and talking unicorns and rainbows. Everything is as open, if you want – even blatant, as possible.

Similar to many other dating platforms, offers you free and paid membership. Yet, unlike the majority of platforms, dividing their membership plans into two kinds – a basic (free) one and a paid one, this site offers its users a free membership plan plus three paid membership subscriptions. The latter ones are subdivided into Silver, Gold and VIP. Naturally, the subscription fee increases as the membership plan advances. But, there is also good news – if you decide to subscribe for three or even six months instead of one, a generous discount is guaranteed.

It is, of course, possible to use free profile, without paying a single cent. Yet, paid services are not that expensive (Silver membership – from 8.32$ to 19.95$ per month; Gold membership – from 12.49$ to 29.95$ per month) and they offer you a wider range of options in comparison with free services. For example, while the chat rooms are all free, adding video – isn’t, and so on.

Plus, offers their users access to a variety of blogs and forums, thus, creating an entire community of adults looking for a quick fling instead of a long-term romantic relationship. And, of course there is quite an impressive database of users, willing to communicate. So, even if you find a really negative review, saying that the site’s a scam with unreal people (there are quite a lot of such reviews) – do not hurry to jump to any conclusions. The site has been operating for years, and who’s to blame if you are trying to contact a person who has not been seen online for 5 years? Sometimes people leave – so pay attention to the status before you make your move.

Main advantages of

Vast database: even if you have seen more than one review saying that the site is a scam and people are unreal – do not be carried away by other people’s inclination to panic with or without a reason. Yes, there can be certain invalid profiles that have not been deactivated yet. And yes, some unattractive people can post unreal photos next to their names. But the good thing is – many people are real, they have real photos and they show up for real dates. This is an obvious advantage.

Open communication: the tag on a person’s profile will let you know exactly what this person is looking for. There is no more need to try and guess who that ‘knight in shiny armor’ might actually be. Don’t you agree that after a certain age in life, one gets tired of playing games and wants to speak stuff as is? Well, is a place where you can do it. If you came looking for a one-night stand – you got it. If you are a busy person looking for a long-term sexual partner – you got it. If you are a married couple looking for new swinger buddies – you got this one, too! And the most important thing – no strings attached!

Real profiles: plenty of our users have been sharing their experience about and its audience. According to our calculations, 9 out of 10 set up dates show up. This is one of the highest rankings, giving you an undeniable proof that the profiles are real. Plus, the fact that people are able to actually recognize each other indicates that the photos are not fake, too. Yes, we know that now it sounds obvious. But still – just for your reference.

Easy to meet people: it once again important to stress that on average, 9 out of 10 dates, set up on, show up. Yet, the most important thing is that you do not have to waste years to score those ten dates. In fact, you can get your first date within a week (or even less) of using a website. It all depends on how determined you are.

Low cost: the site’s price range can be easily compared to other dating sites fees. All in all, the fees are basically the same, with one little remark – if you subscribe for for a whole year, it will cost you less than any other dating site! conclusion

The bottom line is that is not another romantic platform where communication can take years before actually meeting a person you are talking to. It is a fast site, because it does not focus on long-term relationships. This a platform where you can find friends with benefits and meet new partners quickly. It is not based on any psychological tests or matching systems – everything depends on your and your partner’s interests and desire to meet in person.

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