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If you check out several reviews on e harmony, you will be amazed by a number of positive testimonials. It is indeed one of the best dating sites online. Its unique system selects potential matches based on rigid compatibility criteria, which is why when you set up a date with one of the suggested matches, you can stay assured that the date is going to be enjoyable. Yet, you have to be prepared to wait for a while before you get any really lucky hits. Differently from the majority of other dating sites, is rather slow, and it might take a couple of weeks before you actually start talking to people. Yet, we believe that there is a good side to taking things slow, and we hope that after this review, you’ll share our opinion. So, let’s get started. differs drastically from a majority of websites where you can simply create a profile, upload a photo, drop a few lines about yourself and start scanning through other people’s profiles, bothering whoever you may please. Quite on the contrary, you can only get in touch with people who have a personality type, compatible with your own one. To do so, you will first have to pass several tests. Get ready to spare some time, because it won’t be quick – the test has about 400 questions, and you are supposed to answer each and every of them. Until then, you won’t be given any suggestions, not to mention that you won’t be seeing any profiles – so unless you are willing to take the tests seriously, there is no point starting with

Yet, do not be taken aback just now – once you get through these tests, you’ll see that they were definitely worth the trouble. In fact, most of e harmony reviews are raving about the positive experience they have gotten after passing the questionnaire. tests offer you valuable information about your personality type, give you tips on what you can give to a relationship, what kind of partner (and most importantly – why) is the best for you, and so on. It’s funny how we never notice things that are always in us, but, luckily, provides some really valuable advice.

After you have completed all necessary registration procedures, you will start receiving new matching suggestions. You won’t be able to simply scan through the database and start ‘attacking’ the cutest boys and girls – only people within your compatibility criteria will be visible to you. Though it may sound unusual, the systems works just fine – according to the latest statistics, most dates on the site are really successful. If they do not end in marriage, at least people have a really nice talk face to face.

You should also be prepared that on an actual face-to-face invitation can be received quite quickly – within 5 messages from the same person. Yet, finding the person to start a conversation usually takes a while – due to the complicated compatibility criteria.

Another important thing is that this site is a Christian website. Needless to mention, it is designed for heterosexual communication. One can argue for ages about tolerance and human rights, but the actual truth is that e harmony Christian website welcomes particular niche audience and often ignores people from different confessions and sexual preferences. And that’s all there is to it.

The last but not the least – membership fees, which are quite high. is one of the most expensive dating websites, charging almost 60$ per month for a full package of their services. However, you can always count on a generous discount if you subscribe for a long-term service, while a free profile will also be useful to anyone who wants to learn new things about one’s personality type and pick up some dating advice in blog. main advantages

User-friendliness: one of the greatest things about is that it has a light, flowing design, and you do not have to be a computer expert to figure out how the site works. It is very intuitive, and even if web browsing is still a challenge for you, you will definitely be able to use this site without any problems. The site is simple – as simple as it seems, no hidden stones or pitfalls!

Free trial system: if you are uncertain whether you want to pay for membership or not, offers you a free three-day trial. Of course, three days is not much But, if you use them wisely, you will get a clear picture of what it is like to be a full member! Most likely, after enjoying the benefits of three-day trial messaging and call systems, you won’t be able to resist. After all, the site is definitely worth the money it charges!

Unique compatibility system: as it was already mentioned, this site has a truly unique matching system that might seem a little slow in the beginning, but it proves to be working perfectly in the long run. After all, establishing a lasting relationship takes time –whether online or offline, so if you are really looking for something serious, a little patience won’t hurt.

Plenty of users: is currently one of the biggest dating platforms for singles. Surely, due to its limited niche audience, it is not the biggest dating site online. But it is definitely the biggest Christian dating community.

Great success rate: practically any review tells about one or more highly positive date. Surely, not all of them end up in marriage. But the amazing thing is that there are hardly any negative dates – and that tells something about the site and its unique approach.

Conclusion on

Briefly, is a Christian dating website for heterosexuals. Even though its niche is somehow limited, the site still has an abundant audience. Plus, their unique psychological approach makes any date scheduled with the help of this website a definite success. And despite the fact that the whole process seems rather slow in the beginning, the result is usually worth the trouble – just like their high fees!

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