It’s possible to have a love, to meet a soul mate…


My love has come to life!

On February 6, I and Angela had our wedding at outdoor ceremony at Collaroy Plateau, on our anniversary as a couple.

First we met in September for lunch. I had never felt as connected and alive as that evening we first we had a meeting for lunch. Every few weeks we met for lunch for some months after that, until I went to Thailand for a four week holiday. I was very touched when Angela came from Australia to see me and messaged telling me that she was missing our dates for lunch.

So when I met her in February for the first lunch date after I came from holiday, we aggreed to become a couple. The next week was Valentine’s Day and we amazed each other by presenting exactly the same invitation cards and similar gifts for each other from the Sydney’s opposite ends. To both of us this meant a lot, as did a later date when I showed Angela around the Northern Beaches, at the place at Collaroy Plateau ending where we got married some years later. It was there when Angela told me that I understood her like nobody else has.

We spent several months getting to know each other better before we started meeting friends of each other and I met the children Angela. Things progressed from there. We moved in together. In August I proposed to Angela in Spanish before a Spanish Dance show at a Spanish bar at The Rocks. She said ‘si’. Some months later we bought a house in Collaroy. And after soon we chose where to have our reception and ceremony. Our ceremony was conducted by our close friend in 42 degrees heat. And we have heard that nobody has ever danced as much at the reception venue than they did on the night of our wedding. In the Caribbean and Los Angeles we had a four week holiday before coming back home to settle into our married life.

None of this would have happened if we had not met on I spent several years on traveling through countless profiles, sending numerous Chemistry kisses and e-mails, meeting a lot of women for coffee or lunch, working out what I wanted, before I was ready to meet Angela. I was the first man Angela met on So to those who are out there still trying to meet a mate and wondering if it will ever happen do not lose hope, go for your dreams and do not sell yourself short. It’s possible to have a love, to meet a soul mate as I have who makes love come to life.

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