13 Cute and Fun Ideas for Double Dates

13 Cute and Fun Ideas for Double Dates

Double date is a good chance to enjoy your friends’ and partner’s company. Read the list of adventurous and fun double date ideas and see the fun doubled in size!

What is better than a beautiful couple on a date?

Actually, two couples surely!

The concept behind double date is that you enjoy each others’ feeling of affection without sacrificing the social life.

Double date ideas can be a great way to learn your partner more; seeing them acting with other couple or a friend brings out an aspect of their individuality which you may know little about.

So, we start naming fun double date ideas:

  1. Watching popular games on TV. It is game night! Invite the friends over and enjoy with a final match on your TV, if you get little interest in sport games you can simply turn it into a dance evening! Here are no definite rules to things you can do!
  2. Board games. For a more breezy and quiet night, find your board games and just play all night away. For additional fun play some children games, they are somewhat funnier when you are an adult!
  3. Barbeque Night. Invite your friends for a party of beer and burgers. Let the music play and you achieve a small party all started up! May even turn just into a hell of a night for four, actually, who knows!

Adventurous Double Date Ideas for Teenagers

  1. Amusement parks. Who does not love the horror trains and roller-coasters? At amusement park you can receive an adrenaline boost undergoing some fun and adventurous games.
  2. Day of road trips. Arrange a little trip. It is super exhilarating and easy experience. Go to a nearby city, different monuments and sights or let you to be a tourist in your own city.
  3. Cheap double date ideas. Now wait and hear me out! Have a shopping and purchase the cheapest, tackiest things available. Wear them at the same evening at a fancy cafe! Who said fun is over when you are an adult!
  4. Cultural amusement. Find some grand openings, cultural events and the other happenings that may take place and gather a small tour where you’ll get from one location to another in one night full of cultivation and culture!
  5. Clubbing spree. Ensure that you’re into the similar music though! In other case it will not work if your friends have fun and you are bored to death and ready to rip your hair out.

Just Some More Cute Double Date Ideas

  1. Explore grown-up activities such as cheese and wine tasting. Even when you are not well in cheese tasting and other similar activities, these are still double date ideas to spend this night.
  2. Have brunch at an expensive sports club or hotel. Feel like you are the elite; stylish clothes, wear smart and hit a men’s club or hotel. Be part of the famous and rich, even if it is just for a little brunch.
  3. Go to a concert or sport game where you’ll all enjoy. Your beloved artist is in city? Convince your friends to join you. Offer to go to the place they like afterwards, so this way everyone gets what he/she wishes!
  4. Enroll your couples in activities or classes. From learning pilates or yoga (actual for double dating for women), going jogging, to learning how to cook, there are a lot of fun classes you can all try as a team. In reality, these classes are something about the jokes inside rather than factually learning something!
  5. Cinema is one of the best ideas for double dates. This never dies! It really does not matter what film you are going to watch.

If your boyfriend’s friend or you have a new partner, do not hurry to dismiss him or her. Look through and pick one of your favorite double date ideas and who knows, maybe you are a double date away from a new best friend!

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