Finding a look-alike person of your ex for possible dates


There is An App for Finding Your Match Using Photos of Your Ex

In our quest for finding “the match,” or something close to what society and we leads us to trust is our “ideal match,” we try — sometimes feel desperate — to achieve this questionable happily fairytale ending. While many people may claim they don’t have an ideal, for others this can be pretty straightforward, as opportunities are we incline to find commonalities of our exes. Now, all nostalgia and heartbreak aside, one of the most popular international dating sites has teamed with based in Los Angeles company Three Day Rule in order to create an application to help people to find their perfect match by providing an analysis of their exes and using technology of facial recognition to determine their type.

Talia Goldstein, the founder of Three Day Rule said that people have their types and it is not necessary it is their hair color or race or height, but most of it is concerning their face shape. She also said that she always asks her clients to send to her pictures of their exes. But they say that they do not have a particular type, but when she sees the photos, to her they look similar. They may have different hair color, or be different ethnicities, but their facial structure is the same.

The app takes care of its clients

Therefore, instead of looking through countless dating profiles hopefully you find someone with the same features as our exes have, Three Day Rule application does this for you. The company hand-selects, screens personally, and meets a match before actually you do, in order to guarantee your date meets your liking using the help of skilled dating experts and matchmakers from schools like NYU, USC, UCLA, and Harvard Business School, according to the site. The matchmakers use their approach to find partners for clients, combining perfect personality assessments with the technology of facial recognition.

Clients recommend

The effectiveness of the online dating application is backed by certain testimonials from women and men of all ages, from mid-20s to forties, on the website of the company. A satisfied client of Three Day Rule wrote: “They have all the qualities I’m looking for, listened to the guy type I wanted the relationship with, and like magic, they found an ideal match! I recommend letting these women get to work to get your soul mate!”

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