Finding a job can be difficult; maybe eHarmony can help you?


Dating Site eHarmony Wants To Help You Find A Job

Finding a job can be painful; maybe eHarmony can help?

Having already gotten down the whole matchmaking thing for dating, eHarmony is now applying its skills to a new field: careers.

According to MarketWatch, eHarmony is getting ready to roll out a new service called “Elevated Careers by eHarmony” this December. The site will pair job seekers and employers to help users find long-term positions that actually suit them.

The Bureau of Labor Statisticsclaims that the typical American employee only lasts 4.6 years at a job, and eHarmony wants to lengthen that average. The company has been working on a solution for the last three years, according to its founder and CEO Neil Clark Warren.

A 2012 survey by Harris Interactive found that eHarmony had led to 600,000 marriages since starting in 2000, with a divorce rate of 3.8%. And now Warren wants to spread those kinds of positive results into the career world.

“If we can do that for jobs, we will save companies enormous amounts of money, and save the person a lot of strain and stress, too,” Warren told MarketWatch.

And not only that, but job stress can often carry over into family life adding tension to a relationship. Warren believes that by helping ensure success and happiness in a user’s work life, eHarmony can actually benefit a user’s romantic life as well.

eHarmony isn’t the first to notice a link between work and love. An app called LinkedUp offers a matchmaking service similar to Tinder, but instead of syncing with Facebook, it pulls from LinkedIn. The idea is that information from LinkedIn can be more useful when searching for love.

Flipping that equation around, eHarmony is pulling from what it’s learned about love and applying that to careers.

We reached out to eHarmony for more information on Elevated Careers and will update when we hear back.

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