Flirting body language: short guide for beginners


Communication is the beast means given to us for getting to know each better and establishing all kinds of connections between people, flirting being among them. But the matter is that there are different kinds of communication and not all of them are realized directly within the conversation process at free dating sites for men or women, for instance.

There are always some indirect, even hidden ways to express our thoughts and intentions towards another person. Being not the only way to flirt with people, body language is one of the most common ways we usually do it. And according to the most recent surveys, the following figures reflecting how we understand and make clear our flirting intentions: slightly more than a half (55 per cent) of flirting comes through body language (gestures/posture/facial expression/whatever else), then, about 38 per cent is done by our voice tone and speech tempo. And (surprisingly!) only 7 per cent of flirting goes with what we tell to our partner.

As you can see now, non-verbal means of communication take the lead in the world of flirting. But to get the clear picture of flirting realization we would need to look at how exactly men and women use their body language to flirt, because it goes without saying that there are some certain differences between men’s and women’s flirting.

How do men flirt?

Men who are trying to flirt with women are usually nervous about their looks. Therefore they usually instinctively adjust shirt collar, cufflinks, fix hair and can even look in the mirror to make sure they look perfectly. Other male flirting signs may be:


all those quite “accidental” bumps into women on the way to the bar to order one more drink;


slight raising the eyebrow at a woman that catches the eye of a man;


moving closer as if to listen to the conversation better;


seeking more physical contact. Touching a woman’s arm, shoulder, leg – whatever other part of her body in a way, which would not be considered as mauling – is a clear enough sign of a male flirting.

And how do women do that?

There are in fact a lot of sly tricks women use to flirt. Here are some of them to make men interested:


glance. Some women can snap their eyes at a man only once to beckon and mesmerize him;


that famous circling the rim of a glass with the finger;


light touching a man on his hand;


fixing or flipping hair is one of the clear ways to show that a woman is interested;


rocking her shoe’s heel while sitting cross-legged can also be counted as the sign of flirting.

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