Hitch – a new dating app to allow you become a matchmaker


Our today’s world of dating is something definitely different from the one we had just before the Internet appearance in our life. Arranging dates in bars and cinemas is unpopular, for the traditional dating has simply come out of fashion, being replaced by the online dating websites and dating apps like Tinder, OKCupid and other ones, with their right swipes, matches and the rest of the stuff. So, if you want to find a dating partner nowadays, it will take you just a few minutes to browse around dozens of users’ profiles – for any purpose, no matter whether it is a one-night stand that you are looking for or something more serious. But what if you would like to find a date for some of your friends?

Hitch appears on the stage

Meet the Hitch – a new dating or, let’s say, matchmaking app, recently launched for iOS-based devices, which will soon be available for Android as well. It will let you feel yourself a marriage broker, choosing any of your two friends whom you would like to match (“hitch”) and allow them to exchange messages. And it is all that simple indeed. In order to take the advantage of Hitch, you just need to sign up for your Facebook account and then select any two friends of yours to match them together via the app. Those two friends of yours will be then sent an invitation to a chat, and in such a way a matchmaking process will be completed.

According to the words of the founder of the Hitch project Anton Gu, the aim of this new app was to replace the complicated and computerlike dating algorithms that are used at free dating websites by a real person, who could be able to provide really random suggestions for people just the way as it shall deem desirable for him or herm which is a real fun for people who like to introduce people to each other and set them up.

And your friends will always know that they’re set up with a “friend of a friend”. The latter serves as a good ground for the sense of security since they aren’t likely to be introduced to some totally random person they have absolutely no connection with, but someone from their circle instead.

A minor sting

Still, Hitch app has its own disadvantages. One of them is that if your friend matches you with some person, you will only be able to know the gender and the age of the person you are communicating with, without any other details, including his or her appearance. So you will have to trust your friend’s choice and opinion about that person only. Only in case you feel that you like that person, you will be able to use the option of revealing your own identity.

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