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In today’s dating websites field there is a great number of platforms for communication you can choose depending on your race, interests, lifestyle and sexual preferences, and which is why sometimes it is hard to choose the one service to your liking, and that is the reason for this review. There are plenty of websites that pit beautiful women with successful men, and is a place where less successful men can find rich gay men to be their Sugar Daddies. Having analyzed the website itself, and getting the feedback from its users, it was possible for us to come up with detailed review and description of the main features and benefits you can get as a user of the service.

In fact, some time ago this service was voted #1 service matching Tempting Twinks (which stands for those looking for successful men) and Sugar Daddies. Being a 100% gay male dating service where all the members are either looking for Sugar Daddies, or are the Sugar Daddies, it offers the ratio of Twinks and Daddies at about 4:1 responsively. Specifically designed for people looking for the mentioned relationship type, this is not the place where no-good slackers living in mother’s houses come to seek for better life. There are, in fact, quite a few of non-Sugar Daddies who are successful themselves, and they are seeking for a partner to provide for them, so that they have an even better lifestyle together. As the numbers show that most users are Tempting Twinks, the prevalent age range is 18-30.

Just like at any service, there are couple things you shouldn’t do on Signing-up to the website but choosing the wrong strategy will cost you money, if not mentioning your time, so avoid those mistakes:

  • First of all, don’t sign-up if you are not truly gay – it makes no sense as pretending to be the one you are not will not get you anywhere on the website and will not help you find your Sugar Daddy. The fact that you are straight will reveal pretty fast, do why wasting time and effort?
    • The second mistake you can make is failing to have a reason for Sugar Daddy to choose you. Don’t you think someone would pay your bills for nothing? You must have something to offer to a person in return for financial offerings.
        Lying about being a Sugar Daddy is a failure as well. If you are a brokeass driving a 1980 Ford, don’t pretend to be a wealthy person, as this lie won’t last long.

      Signing up for Mancrunch membership is free, but for full membership you should pay up a reasonable fee, as without it you will have hard times finding a Daddy. In fact, fees are quite affordable, and taking into consideration your aim, it might be the best investment you can make in your life. The membership for a month will cost you $40, and for three months – $29 per months, which counts as $87.

      And one of the facts members should keep in mind is that the website has No Refund policy, which means if you are not content with anything after you’ve got premium membership, you cannot ask for your money back. If you are not sure the website is for you, try using the free membership at first (which gives you an access to basic components), but once you pay, it is final and there are no exceptions.

      In the Frequently Asked Questions section you can find answers to all the questions that may occur while you are using the website, and if you are interested in site founder, look through President Page.

      Mancrunch review: main advantages

      The website is truly unique, as the main goal for all the users is finding a Sugar Daddy, and that is, in fact, the main advantage – having an opportunity to find someone who would provide for you. Plus, there are several unique features that make using the website beneficial for people who sign-up.

      First of all, unlike other dating websites, here they monitor the members profiles, and make sure all of them meet the guidelines, as otherwise they will be deleted. This will happen if the profile is totally blank (meaning there is information about the person), or without the description of what you are looking for; in case the profile contain personal information like email address or phone number, links to other websites, the profile will be deleted as well. This ensures that you only find people who are truly serious about online dating.

      Recommendation system will help you save your time and not scouring through hundreds of profiles. Basing on what you are looking for, you will be offered the profiles that can get you to your Sugar Daddy.

      Another pleasant thing is that by getting a paid membership you get a permission to send unlimited number of messages to as many members as you want to chat with. And every message gets you closer to meeting Sugar Daddy – it is a numbers game, and the more people you contact, the higher are the odds.

      The summary

      As you can see from this Mancrunch review, the website is a bit different from other similar services. Being less “serious”, it was created for the clear purpose – to help Tempting Twinks meet Sugar Daddies and vice versa. And to succeed in the search, one should be really open-minded and obtain a good sense of humor, as it is not the best place for overly sensitive, or highly offended crowd. The main strategy for finding the Sugar Daddy is to always offer something in return for their financial security. This, in fact, can be different, depending on what the ‘targeted’ Sugar Daddy is looking for. Some crave for the partner to be good in bed, some just need a person that would be pleasant to be around. People are different, and so are their needs, and the more you try, the faster you will succeed.

      Summing up, the Mancrunch is a unique website that helps people find partners providing financial support, so if your desire to find a Sugar Daddy, there is no other service that would help you meet one, either online or offline.

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