When Maria met Steven!

Maria and Steven

I had a support from my friends and work colleagues. They were encouraging me to send emails and kisses to all people at online dating website Match.com that I felt are interesting for me, and reply to as many people as contacted me. We worked very hard on my own profile. We were trying to be open and very honest, with a light heartedness and a bit of sense of humor added. We spent an afternoon choosing the photo that is “just right”.

It was a great time on the whole and I enjoyed very much organizing a meeting for a dinner fairly fast. Maybe, with a little bit of drink (to relax for the medicinal purposes). The evenings for me were a lot of conversation easy and fun. Getting to know a person is always interesting! I found that I had something in common with people I met. Loving wine and food, going to various restaurants or bars for meeting were great.

After many tries I met StevenIt56 (we thought this was his nickname and still can’t decide on who of us contacted first). I was at once attracted to the photo and his profile, and he also to mine. I called him and we arranged a meeting the next evening. It was just an instant attraction for us. Unnecessary to say, that I did all the things they say not to do during the first date. I had very much to drink, called him “my honey bear” and kept doing it all night, and just made myself to say “see you again” and “goodnight” to him at the front door of my house!

Then we met the next day and the next. Of course, we took off our profiles, and cancelled all planned meetings with site members.

Our story is a list of beautiful memories!

Then we got married. We had a beautiful “barefoot” wedding on the beach with a warm and perfect weather followed by a jump into the surf and the most of our guests did it also, then we had a fabulous gathering with family and friends, lots of wine, food and laughter.

Now we feel so blessed and are extremely happy. We are especially grateful we found this site in time. And my advice to all of you – kiss all frogs and keep doing it. If you are not a member of the site yet. JOIN JUST NOW!! There is your princess or prince out there. You only need to enjoy your journey, be positive and happy.

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